User interface manual

Page transition flow:


Global settings


Results polling rate

Results polling rate is intervals between updates of results on project pages. When you feel your browser is slow, try choosing a longer value.

Chart size

Chart size is the size of the main plot on project pages.

Max log count

Max log count is the maximum number of logs per result that the ChainerUI server sends to the browser on each request. When you feel your browser is slow, try choosing a smaller value.

Result name alignment

Result name alignment controls which side of a result name to be truncated when it is too long to be displayed.

Highlight table and chart

Enable highlighting linked betwheen a table row and a log chart. Enabled on default.

Home: Project list


From the list of registered projects, select a project to transition to the project page. When registering a project within running server, refresh the page and it will show the project on the list. See Customize training loop.

  • Desc / Asc: select order of project list.
  • Edit: edit the project name.
  • Delete: delete the project from list.

Project: Show training chart and jobs


Show training logs and experimental conditions.

  • Select X-axis value by xAxis pane.

    • epoch, iteration, episode, step and elapsed_time are assumed as x-axis.
    • Drop-down list shows only keys existed in log files.
  • Select values by yAxis pane.

    • Left checkboxes are visibility of left axis, right ones are right axis.
    • Line color is selected automatically. To change color, click a job name or a key name, see Edit a line.
  • Reset setting button

    • Along with axis settings and selected checkboxes, log keys like main/loss are also cached on browser storage. The reset button restores cached key, too.
  • Save log chart

    • PNG: Save log chart as PNG
    • Code: Download Python script. Run the downloaded script then get a chart image using Matplotlib. Lines plotted or not are followed by configuration on Web UI. The script has all log data as JSON.



This animation is captured on v0.7.0

Result table and a log chart are linked each other. A selected result is highlighting for emphasis.



Add smoothing line to help desplaying the overall of trend. Exponential smoothing is used.

Edit a line


Show detail information about the line, and enable to change the line color. To show this modal, click Toggle lines setting > a job name or a key name on yAxis.

Training job table


expanded the second row to show sub components.

The training job table shows brief log information and experimental conditions. Job names are set to the directory name by default. The name can be edit directly on the table. To unregister a result, click Unregister button in the expanded row. Expanded row has some operation buttons. These buttons operate similarly to buttons in Commands pane.

  • Registered results / Unregistered results : These buttons behavior as tab. When need to show unregistered results, select Unregistered result tab to show them.
  • Delete results: When remove results from the result table, check and click Delete result button. Deleted resutls are showed on Unregistered results tab.
  • Restore results: When restore deleted result, check the target results on Unregistered results tab and click Restore results button. Restored results are showed again on Registered results tab.
../_images/result_delete.png ../_images/result_restore.png
  • filter name: Filter results by text.
  • Grouping: Group results by grandparent directory.
  • Table Settings: Customize visibility and order of table columns.

Result: Show detailed information of the results


Show detailed information of the training job and support operation of the training loop.

Commands pane

Operation buttons in Commands pane allow users to operate the training job. To enable these buttons, the trining job is required to set CommandsExtension and click them within running the job. For more detail of how to set the extension, see Operate training loop.

Take snapshot

Save a training model to the file in NPZ format with using save_napz By default, snapshot_iter_{.updater.iteration} file is saved to the result path.


Stop the trining loop.


Adjust the hyperparameters of an optimizer. This function supports only MomentumSGD optimizer.

Command history

The command history is shown on the down of the pane.